And I Will Rise if Only to Hold You Down, 2012, 24 min

Jennifer Reeder, Chicago, IL

Films in Competition, Narrative, Short Film

Nova and Candice, both 14, prepare for the high school dance while discussing the afternoon Candice spent with her birth mother. The girls express a closeness, which suggests they may be more than friends.

Nova’s mother Katherine is a dance teacher lamenting the loss of her career as a professional performer. Her confidence as a dancer is a counter to her insecurity as a wife and mother. Katherine’s vitriolic manner seems to hide a deep sadness—a sadness she shares with her first love, the husband she is leaving.

Nova’s father Matthew is a well-meaning amateur magician buying time against a mid-life crisis. He genuinely adores his family but is unable to stop it from exploding apart.

World Premiere, Video

Directed by Jennifer Reeder (Chicago, IL)


Saturday, March 31 9:15pm

“Palaces of Pity” w/ “And I Will Rise…”

Feature in Competition A parable on guilt and oppression set in ancient and modern Portugal; two cousins are potential heirs to their grandmother’s fortune in this wry, absurd black comedy.