A Plate of Sardines (Tabaq el-Sardin), 1997, 17 min

Omar Amiralay, (1944 - 2011)

Documentary, Historic Film, Special Presentations

“The first time I heard of Israel, I was in Beirut, and the conversation was about a plate of sardines. I was six years old, Israel was two.” In this film Amiralay visits the village of Quneytra (which was destroyed by Israel in the 1967 war and then taken back by Syria in 1973, but deliberately left as a ruin). Accompanying him is fellow Syrian filmmaker Mohammad Malas, who was born in Quneytra and whose film The Night evokes his parents’ memories of the then bustling, now lifeless village. A powerful symbol of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the ruins of Quneytra and the plate of sardines inspire a reflection on memory, both personal and political, and on the force and fragility of a generation’s political imagination.


Directed by Omar Amiralay ((1944 - 2011))


Saturday, March 31 3:00pm

Films by Omar Amiralay

Three films by Omar Amiralay (1944–2011), Syria’s greatest documentary filmmaker, presented by Irina Leimbacher.  The program includes Tabaq el-Sardin (A Plate of Sardines, 1997), Amiralay's powerful reflection on personal and

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)