Craig’s Cutting Room Floor, 2011, 2 min

Linda Scobie, San Francisco, CA

Films in Competition, Short Film

Craig is a collage artist with an eclectic archive of 16mm prints. His floor is full of spliced off and discarded film frames left to pile, corrode and live out their inevitable chemical life spans. After many months of collecting these deteriorating treasures, I decided to make a film. The result is an ongoing subliminal flurry of singular moments seemingly superimposed onto each other. A fragmented journey through cinema’s history taken right off the cutting room floor.

North American Premiere, 16mm

Directed by Linda Scobie (San Francisco, CA)


Tuesday, March 27 8:15pm

Opening Night Screening

A selection of short films, featuring innovative new works in animation, documentary, experimental and independent cinema.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)