Chevelle, 2011, 8 min

Kevin Jerome Everson, Charlottesville, VA

Documentary, Films in Competition, Short Film

In Chevelle, Kevin Jerome Everson captures two workhorse GM cars at a moment of drastic transformation. A junkyard crusher puts metal to metal and smashes the cars into tidy rectangular shapes while the life juices and hydraulic fluids drain out of them. The resulting film is partially formalist metaphor and partially the sheer pleasure of seeing stuff get really smashed up.
-Wexner Center for the Arts


Directed by Kevin Jerome Everson (Charlottesville, VA)


Sunday, April 01 1:00pm

Films in Competition 11

George Kuchar’s 1966 classic Hold Me While I’m Naked with new narrative, documentary and experimental films by Bobby Abate, Dietmar Brehm, Kevin T. Allen, Josh Gibson, and Kevin Jerome Everson.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)