Chakra, 1972, 6 min

Jordan Belson, (1926 - 2011)

A newly preserved 16mm print from the Center for Visual Music.

Chakra screened at the 11th AAFF in 1973.

"Usually the subjects I chose to build images around had some kind of traditional form of their own that I found useful in constructing my film. Take Chakra (1972), for instance. If you study the chakras (the psychic centers in the body), you find that there are seven of them…They’re usually depicted as arranged along the spinal column and described starting from the bottom, going to the top. Each chakra has its own unique characteristics, and centuries of elaboration and analysis have accumulated around these characteristics. ... In Chakra, I was able to transfer the traditional order of the chakras into a film, starting with the first (lower) chakra and working up to the seventh (top) chakra…

While I was doing the soundtrack for Chakra, I came across a list of the sounds people have reported hearing when in deep meditation, traditionally about ten sounds. The first is what they describe as the sound of the honey-intoxicated bee. Then there’s the sound of a motor and the sound of a bell, the sound of a flute, and the sound of thunder. I just went right down the list, exactly as listed in the book, and put those sounds on the soundtrack to accompany the chakras." - Belson, interview with Scott MacDonald, quoted in A Critical Cinema 3

This film is not in competition.

Screening of this film is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Still image of Chakra (c) Jordan Belson, courtesy Center for Visual Music.

Directed by Jordan Belson ((1926 - 2011))


Thursday, March 29 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

New experimental, animated, and abstract works by Charlotte Pryce, Lawrence Jordan, Rei Hayama, Norbert Sheih, and Telcosystems. Program begins with a newly preserved 16mm print of Chakra (1972, 6 min)

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)