A Series Of Kinetic Sets Tell A Story, 2011, 5 min

Shannon Kohlitz, Ann Arbor, MI

Short Film

This is an animation telling the story of my grandpa’s life in 1920 -1940s America through a series of kinetic dioramas. I built the sets from recycled materials then videotaped them. After filming, I did all the editing and animation.

The story was inspired by my grandfather’s life. He immigrates to America as an infant in his parents’ arms. From Ellis Island of New York City, the family travels to Detroit, where my grandfather grows up and eventually meets my grandmother. Unfortunately, WWII sends my grandpa into the War effort.


Directed by Shannon Kohlitz (Ann Arbor, MI)


Wednesday, March 28 5:00pm

Student Film Showcase

A selection of the best recent short films created by regional film students.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)