Free Event

Wed, March 28, 5:00pm

Student Film Showcase

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

A selection of the best recent short films created by regional film students.

Films Showing:


(Chelsea Carl, Detroit, MI, 2011) 3 min

A suit of armor wakes from his sleep only to discover that his head has gone missing. Chaos ensues....

My Favorite Planet

(Gus Péwé, Horton, MI, 2011) 6 min

A surreal story of two estranged lovers, as one is left behind with only memories....


(Sean Thompson, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 3 min

We go on a journey with a German speed trial race-car driver in the golden age of European motor racing. When he sets out on a record breaking run, he...

A Piece of Life

(Chase Becsey, Ann Arbor, MI, Jamie Lee, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 3 min

Man vs. Canvas; "Every act of Creation is first of all an act of Destruction" –Pablo Picasso...


(Steven Smith, Detroit, MI, 2011) 2 min

Winner of the Stones Throw 15 contest, this short animated piece is a music video for J Dilla's "Geekdown"...

Instructions for Urban Exploration

(Perry Janes, Ann Arbor, MI, Noah Stahl, Los Angeles, CA, Sadie Yarrington, Australia, 2011) 5 min

Instructions for Urban Exploration explores the intersections of poetry, space and movement. Adapted from the poem of the same title, as performed by poet Vievee Francis, this impressionistic dance-short questions...

A Series Of Kinetic Sets Tell A Story

(Shannon Kohlitz, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 5 min

This is an animation telling the story of my grandpa’s life in 1920 -1940s America through a series of kinetic dioramas. I built the sets from recycled materials then videotaped...

Belle Isle Zoo

(Barb Morrissey, Brighton, MI, 2011) 3 min

Belle Isle Zoo is a short film showing the decay and ruin of the old Belle Isle Zoo on Belle Isle in Detroit, MI filmed in the fall of 2011...


(Joshua Tad Mulligan, Detroit, MI, 2012) 4 min

What results from the collision of two shapes is the energetic dance that visually leads you through an experience of sound, color, and movement....

Dubstep Informational Nature Video Series

(David Gazdowicz, Lincoln Park, MI, 2011) 2 min

A series of Dubstep nature videos that are both informative and frustrating. This set covers Spiders, Opossums and Dolphins. Its like watching "3-2-1 Contact" while fighting off a severe stomach...

Turn the Camera Around

(Scott Allen, Livonia, MI, 2011) 14 min

"Yeah, I am like a big booster… These are people I really feel deserve more attention and deserve more support. There’s a real naive part of me that would like...

Forward Aikido Roll

(Dan Bifano, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 3 min

The struggle of misunderstood hipster art student....


(Jeremy Liesen, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 7 min

“Listen” is a video project produced, directed, shot and edited  by Jeremy Liesen, a student from Washtenaw Community College. You have heard the saying “stop and smell the roses”. This...

The Date

(Cynthia Greig, Ann Arbor, MI, 1988/2011) 2 min

Two women, one man, one dress. A 16mm black and white film by Cynthia Greig and Beth Lucht made in 1988 while at the University of Iowa, digitally re-edited by...

The Arson of History

(Kristen Zelenka, Ann Arbor, MI, 2011) 12 min

The Arson of History documentary short was created as a student project for Harvard’s 2011 Summer Abroad Program in South Korea.  The documentary explores the relationship between Seoul’s 600-year-old South...