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Fri, March 30, 5:00pm

SPACE / TIME: Japanese Avant-Garde Films of the 1970s & 1980s

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Co-curator Tomonari Nishikawa presents rare, influential 16mm films including work by Toshio Matsumoto, Takeshi Ito, Mako Idemitsu, Kohei Ando, and others.

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Films Showing:


(Sakumi HAGIWARA, 1972) 8 min

A single uncut shot from a stationary camera photographs a fog shrouded landscape, at first totally white but then gradually revealed....

At Yukigaya 2

(Mako IDEMITSU, 1974) 11 min

An abstract film shows the images of tree shadows or the sky in natural light with sharp contrasts. In this personal film, Idemitsu lived between Japan and USA, contains the...

My Movie Melodies

(Jun’ichi OKUYAMA, 1980) 7 min

In this film, the image produces the sound, the "sound image." Various images are used to cover a wide range of sounds. The main melody is radiographic image of a...


(Toshio MATSUMOTO, 1975) 12 min

A visual tour-de-force and a landmark film of the Japanese avant-garde, Matusmoto creates a pulsing, circular motion through 480 stills of a demonic Noh mask taken from different angles. Music...


(Takashi ITO, 1981) 10 min

Spacy consists of 700 continous still photographs which are re-photographed frame by frame according to a strict rule where movements go from rectilinear motion to circular and parabola motion, then...

Un Relatif Horaire

(Yo OTA, 1981) 2 min

Like a Train Passing 1

(Kohei ANDO, 1978) 3 min

Space. Inspired by photographs of Winston Link (Night Trick), this film consists of images of trains passing by a house. Trains are viewed from the interior of the house in...