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Wed, March 28, 9:30pm

Out Night with Barbara Hammer

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

A celebration of historic and influential LGBTQ films, featuring trailblazing filmmaker Barbara Hammer in person with her films. Tina Takemoto’s video Looking for Jiro (2011), Ira Sachs’ 1994 film Lady, Frank’s Cock (1993) by Mike Hoolboom and Jerovi, a 1965 film by José Rodriguez-Soltero will also be presented.

Filmmakers Barbara Hammer and Tina Takemoto will be in attendance for audience Q&A.

Sponsored by:
Community Partner: The Jim Toy Community Center
Special Thanks to: \aut\ BAR

Films Showing:


(Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, (1949 - 2009), 1965) 11 min

Screened at the 3rd AAFF in 1965. A sexual probe of the Narcissus myth, Jerovi departs from earlier experimental work by Cocteau, Curtis Harrington, Willard Maas and others, which drew...

Frank’s Cock

(Mike Hoolboom, 1993) 8 min

"In Frank's Cock, a man talks about his friend Frank in a bold, funny, moving monologue about being born, living, fucking and dying as a gay man. Frank was queer...


(Ira Sachs, 1994) 28

A portrait film of a purposefully unsettling kind, starring Dominique Dibbell of The Five Lesbian Brothers. The exact identity of the redhead at the center of Lady is impossible to pin...

Looking for Jiro

(Tina Takemoto, San Francisco, CA, 2011) 6 min

Looking for Jiro is a queer meditation on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. At age 38, Jiro Onuma was imprisoned at Topaz concentration camp in Central...


(Barbara Hammer, New York, NY, 1974) 4 min

The first lesbian lovemaking film made by a lesbian, DYKETACTICS reveals Hammer’s aesthetic connecting sight and touch. 110 images in 4 minutes make this sensate film a “lesbian commercial”. Touch...

Multiple Orgasm

(Barbara Hammer, New York, NY, 1976) 6 min

Did we ever see what our orgasms looked like? Picturing 4 vaginal and 4 facial contractions, this film was purposefully made silent so that the audience could hear themselves breath....

Our Trip

(1980) 4 min

A comic travelogue of a camping and hiking trip to the Andes, OUR TRIP mixes conventions of the slide show with hand-painting and animation to create playful juxtapositions between travelers...

No No Nooky T.V.

(Barbara Hammer, New York, NY, 1987) 12 min

Using a 16mm Bolex and Amiga computer, Hammer creates a witty and stunning film about how women view their sexuality versus the way male images of women and sex are...