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Sun, April 01, 1:30pm

In Praise of Shadows: Japanese Avant-Garde Films of the 1990s & 2000s

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

In Praise of Shadows consists of nine Japanese experimental works from the 1990s and 2000s, made with various techniques via chosen media. All show the artists’ exploration of moving images, investigating the possibilities of art of cinema. Some may show more of the process of making the works, while other may show more of the poetic montage with light and shadow.  

Program curated and presented by Tomonari Nishikawa and David Dinnell

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Films Showing:


(Takashi ISHIDA, 1999) 7 min

Amber sunlight shines through a window into the corner of the room. The shadows projected on the wall and the shadows created by animated drawing are erased and eroded. As...


(Yuiko MATSUYAMA, 2004) 6 min

Transforming pools of india ink and salt into a microscopic field overflowing with brilliant shards of light and color. – Y.M....


(Shiho KANO, 1999) 15

Action of the character in the film is expressed by monochromatic still pictures, in fine, time is in cut state. Though color scenes inserted in the film have flowing time,...

Plate #24 (solid of revolution)

(Ryusuke ITO, 2004) 3 min

In order to investigate the necessity of film as a medium for moving images, I have focused on its materiality. First, I created a collage with found footages of various...


(Takashi Makino, 2004) 3 min

I created this film to express a feeling of the beginning of something and an image of the newborn vitality. – T.M....


(Eriko SONODA, 2007) 7 min

A photograph of the scene outside a window, enlarged the same size as the window, was repeatedly pasted to and removed from the window while shooting single frames of the...

A Burning Star (short version)

(Kenji ONISHI, 1995) 20 min

In A Burning Star, my inner conflicts find a cruel form. Through the camera I come to terms with my father's death. It's only natural that a person should tremble,...

Ambiguous Funeral

(Ichiro SUEOKA, 2004) 12 min

This is part of an on-going project, "re-interpretation for the private films," in which I recreate old home movies. Today, we reflect on the way to understand the past events...

Like Flowing, Like Spinning

(Akira MIZUYOSHI, 2009) 6 min

I drag a 16mm negative film in a darkroom, improvisationally adhere it with the developed 16mm positive film and expose them by light of Maglite. I intentionally let a film...