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Sat, March 31, 9:30pm

Films in Competition 9

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

New abstract, experimental documentary and animated films from the U.S., England, and Germany including recent works by Jennifer Reeves, Fern Silva, Stephen Irwin, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Rob Todd, Evan Meaney, Martin Arnold and Ben Rivers. Program includes the 1976 film New Improved Institutional Quality by Owen Land (a.k.a George Landow; 1944 - 2011).

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Films Showing:

New Improved Institutional Quality

(Owen Land (formerly known as George Landow), (1944 - 2011), 1976) 10 min

New Improved Institutional Quality: In the Environment of Liquids and Nasals a Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops This film is not in competition Screening of this film is supported by the...


(Stephen Irwin, London, England, 2011) 6 min

A pyromaniac bear misses his mother....

Ceibas: Epilogue - The Well of Representation

(Evan Meaney, Knoxville, TN, 2011) 7 min

In part a remake of Hollis Frampton’s Gloria! (1979), in part a repurposing of hacked, 16-bit video game technology; Ceibas: Epilogue - The Well of Representation asks us to reconsider...

Haunted House

(Martin Arnold, 2011) 4 min

The frames of a 40’s cartoon film are dispersed into their original graphic elements by means of digital de- and reanimation, the character in the foreground as well as the...

Sounding Glass

(Sylvia Schedelbauer, Berlin, Germany, 2011) 10 min

A man in a forest is subject to a flood of impressions; structurally rhythmic waves of images and sounds give form to his introspection. -SS "Waves of consciousness roll in,...

Landfill 16

(Jennifer Reeves, New York, NY, 2011) 9 min

Exhumed 16mm film from my own landfill in Indiana, constitute the canvas of LANDFILL 16. After finishing my double-projection WHEN IT WAS BLUE I was horrified by the bulk of...

Passage Upon the Plume

(Fern Silva, Brooklyn, NY, 2011) 6 min

Plumes dust the arid land, east to west, shapeshifting as they lift in ascension. Something lowers. An ark ran aground where revolution took root: ropes raise stones in baskets. Hearts...


(Robert Todd, 2012) 5 min

Sack Barrow

(Ben Rivers, London, England, 2011) 21 min

Sack Barrow explores a small family run factory in the outskirts of London. It was set up in 1931 to provide work for limbless and disabled ex-servicemen until the factory...