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Sat, March 31, 3:30pm

Films in Competition 7

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

New non-fiction films from Sasha Waters Freyer, Richard Wiebe and Robert Fenz among others.

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Films Showing:

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925

(Sasha Waters Freyer, Iowa CIty, IA, 2012) 10 min

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925 is a lyrical essay film which captures the spirit of excess and adventure embodied by The Great Gatsby (published in 1925) in fragments...

Woman with Flowers (Señora con flores)

(Chick Strand, 1995/2011) 15 min

A Mexican flower seller’s story of personal tragedy is delicately illuminated in an intimate and moving act of portraiture that is both unsettling and liberating. In her final film, Chick...

Peril of the Antilles

(Fern Silva, Brooklyn, NY, 2011) 6 min

Peril of the Antilles was filmed at the beginning of November 2010 while visiting a friend in Haiti. At this specific time, the cholera epidemic was on its way to...

Lack of Evidence (Manque de Preuves)

(Hayoun KWON, Paris, France, 2011) 10 min

In Nigeria, twins can be a blessing or a curse. One day, the father of Oscar and his brother tried to kill his two sons during a ritual ceremony. By...


(Richard Wiebe, Iowa CIty, IA, 2011) 16 min

16mm footage and Edison Voicewriter recordings introduce to me a family I never knew. I see my dad, age 7, in 1943 stand in front of a movie camera. I...


(Robert Fenz, Berlin, Germany, 2011) 30 min

Correspondence is my tribute Robert Gardner’s body of work. Retracing his steps, I filmed in the same locations in which he filmed. Dead Birds (1964) was filmed in West Papua,...