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Thu, March 29, 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

New experimental, animated, and abstract works by Charlotte Pryce, Lawrence Jordan, Rei Hayama, Norbert Sheih, and Telcosystems. Program begins with a newly preserved 16mm print of Chakra (1972, 6 min) by Jordan Belson (1926 - 2011).

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(Jordan Belson, (1926 - 2011), 1972) 6 min

A newly preserved 16mm print from the Center for Visual Music. Chakra screened at the 11th AAFF in 1973. "Usually the subjects I chose to build images around had some...

Solar Sight

(Lawrence Jordan, 2011) 15 min

A question I had in mind was: what's the place of the human being in the cosmos? More and more we think about what is 'beyond.' Less and less is...

Curious Light

(Charlotte Pryce, Los Angeles, CA, 2011) 4 min

A manuscript illuminated: illustrations retreat into the fiber of the page; a fleeting light dissolves into the emulsion of the film: an elusive story is revisited....


(Rei Hayama, Japan, 2012) 16 min

Like the animals are originally one of their main motifs of emblem, images for researching threatened bird species were used in EMBLEM as a fiction. But the light of EMBLEM...

The Electric Embrace

(Norbert Shieh, Los Angeles, CA, 2011) 2 min

This silent hand-processed and optically printed film shifts like an electric current between positive and negative spaces to examine the electric pylons by the Los Angeles River. The geometric and...


(Telcosystems, The Netherlands, 2012) 29 min

As physicists are closing in on the particle described as the fundamental building block in our understanding of the Universe, Telcosystems show a far less conclusive particle theory; one that...