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Wed, March 28, 9:15pm

Films in Competition 2

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

New films and video by Mary Helena Clark, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Marc Pelletier, Scott Stark, Jonathan Schwartz, James Sansing, Chris Kennedy with newly restored films by Phil Solomon and Pat O’Neill.

Sponsored by:

Community Partner: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)

Films Showing:

What’s Out Tonight Is Lost

(Phil Solomon, 1983) 8 min

“Adopting its title from a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, What’s Out Tonight Is Lost is an elegiac film sifting through the unrecoverable. The film is a reflecting pool...

Pilgrimage (Pèlerinage)

(Marc Pelletier, Montreal, Canada, 2011) 9 min

A simple walk in the park can become a spiritual experience, a moment of discovery, a pilgrimage. This film explores the meditative nighttime allure of the Parc Lafontaine in Montreal,...

Heavy Eyes (Schwere Augen)

(Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2011) 10 min

In this hand-processed inscription of cinema negation, unnamed players in found-footage fragments shimmer hypnotically in faint exchanges as a sound engine bears down heavily from above. Darkened figures outline themselves...


(Scott Stark, Austin, TX, 2012) 6 min

A series of short 35mm films generated from digital still images and printed onto movie film. The top and bottom half of each image alternate in the projector gate, and...

349 (for Sol LeWitt)

(Chris Kennedy, 2011) 1 min

A digitally animated version of Sol LeWitt¹s Wall Drawing #349. Recreating LeWitt¹s geometric vocabulary and primary colour palette, 349 careens through emblazoned emblems, lifted from walls and transported into dialogue...

If the War Continues (H. Hesse)

(Jonathan Schwartz, 2012) 5 min

For ascending: “and before I could be noticed again and taken to task, I spoke to the tiny blessed star within me, shut off my heartbeat, made my body disappear...


(James Sansing, San Francisco, CA, 2008-2012) 6 min

Verses is a film that animates councilors logs that were found in an abandoned juvenile detention center. The ink stains and mold growth thread their way through the veins of...

Runs Good

(Pat O’Neill, 1970) 15 min

A darkish journey down memory lane, to visit some news events, folkways and thought patterns associated with the late forties and early fifties. The film is also concerned with such...

By Foot-Candle Light

(Mary Helena Clark, 2011) 9 min

Scenes from the proscenium wings. A film imagined and recounted by foot-candle light. You close your eyes and, suddenly, it is dark.—Mary Helena Clark...