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Fri, March 30, 9:15pm

Films by Phil Solomon

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

A program of works drawn from three decades of the texturally extravagant and profoundly elegiac cinema of Phil Solomon. From his exquisitely bejeweled hand processed 16mm films to the more recent digital pieces, appropriating landscapes from Grand Theft Auto, Solomon has created one of the most deeply transportive bodies of film and video work of recent years.

His acclaimed American Falls three-channel video installation screens at Work Gallery March 25–April 2.

“Although part of a long avant-garde tradition, Solomon makes films that look like no others I’ve seen. The conceit of the filmmaker as auteur has rarely been more appropriate or defensible – the liberating effect of Solomon’s work suggests a rather different realm: Film Meets Vision, Rejoice!” -Manohla Dargis, New York Times

Films Showing:


(Phil Solomon, 1980) 10 min

Finding similarities in the pulses and shapes between my own experiments in night photography, lightning storms, and night bombing in World War II, I constructed the war at home.-PS "A screaming...

The Snowman

(Phil Solomon, 1995) 8 min

A meditation on memory, burial and decay - a belated kaddish for my father.-PS   The Snow Man One must have a mind of winter To regard the frost and the...

Psalm II: “Walking Distance”

(Phil Solomon, 1999) 23 min

Inspired by Kiefer and Ryder, dedicated to Stan Brakhage. Imagining one of those rusted medieval film cans having survived centuries, a long lost Biograph/Star, a Griffith/Méliès co-production, a two-reeler left...


(Phil Solomon, Mark LaPore, (1952 - 2005), 2005) 5 min

Mark and I made this film for our friend David Gatten, as a prayer, an offering, a “get well soon” card... for all three of us. It was made on...

Rehearsals for Retirement

(Phil Solomon, 2007) 10 min

The days grow longer for smaller prizes I feel a stranger to all surprises You can have them I don't want them I wear a different kind of garment In...

Last Days in a Lonely Place

(Phil Solomon, 2008) 22 min

Farewell my friends Farewell my dear ones If I was rude Forgive my weakness Goodbye my friends Goodbye to evening parties Remember me In the spring To work for your...