Family Friendly Events

Saturday, March 31

Films in Competition 5 (Ages 6+)

Family Friendly, Films in Competition, Short Film

This visually engaging program of 10 films includes animation, music videos, documentaries and a computer-generated 3D film made in 1971. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Family Friendly Films

August Song

(Jodie MackEmily Kuehn, 2011)

A collaboration with Kent Lambert's ROOMMATE documenting a feline daydream....

Showing Saturday, March 31 11:00am

The House (Das Haus)

(David Buob, 2011)

The dream of the little girl is to care for her grandmother, but aunt and mother do not let her do so. There is only one way out....

Showing Saturday, March 31 11:00am

Back to Land

(Tijana Petrovic, 2010)

Back to Land is a meditation on the sight of a blue whale beached on a California shore. After being hit by a boat, the whale’s enormous body landed on...

Showing Saturday, March 31 11:00am

The Arousing of Thought

(Luciano Zubillaga, 2012)

An act of faith sets the pace for a structure, a protocol of work and a wordless semantic form of writing. Then a 1991 music theme remix develops into an...

Showing Saturday, March 31 11:00am


(Mirai Mizue, 2011)

One living thing.  One sound.  Becomes chaos.  Becomes melody. - MM...

Showing Saturday, March 31 11:00am