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Sat, March 31, 1:00pm

Bruce Baillie Retrospective 2

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Includes Baillie’s 1965 masterpiece Quixote. Scott MacDonald will introduce the program with Bruce Baillie in attendance.

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Films Showing:

Yellow Horse

(Bruce Baillie, 1965) 9 min

"Cycle scrambles poem. Bass solo by Pat Smith, LA". - BB...


(Bruce Baillie, 1966) 5 min

By the "Canyon Cinema Documentary Film Unit" - (Paul Tulley, Bruce Baillie, etc). Made in Spring, '66 for a small community of Indian people near Laytonville, California....


(Bruce Baillie, 1965) 45

"One-year journey through the land of incessant progress, researching those sources which have given rise twenty years later to the essential question of survival." -BB The bearded figure at the...

Valentin de las Sierras

(Bruce Baillie, 1967) 10 min

"This ten minute portrait of lives lived in rare air and under sunlight of liquid gold is, simply put, one of the most beautiful films ever made." –Chuck Stephens "In...