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Thu, March 29, 7:15pm

Bruce Baillie Retrospective 1

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Bruce Baillie will be present in a rare appearance for this screening of several of his 16mm films including Castro Street (1966, 10 min.); Tung (1966, 6 min.); Here I Am (1962, 11 min);  Mass for the Dakota Sioux (1964, 20 min.); To Parsifal (1963, 16 min.); Mr. Hayashi (1961, 3 min.); and All My Life (1966, 3 min.).

In 1963, during the first AAFF a full program was devoted to Bruce Baillie's films. Baillie and his work continued to be a strong and consistent presence through the first decade of the AAFF.

Baillie (b. 1931, Aberdeen, South Dakota), began making work in 1960 with his first film On Sundays.  Baillie’s 1966 film Castro Street was selected for preservation in 1992 by the United States National Film Registry. His filmography includes nearly 30 films that have screened all over the world.

In addition to his film work, Baillie founded Canyon Cinema, which today is the largest American distributor of experimental and avant-garde cinema. In 1961 Baillie began a screening series in his back yard together with Chick Strand and others. The series evolved into the San Francisco Cinematheque, an acclaimed exhibitor of experimental film, digital media, and performance cinema that continues to this day. Baillie currently resides off the coast of Washington with his wife and two children.

Baillie will be joined onstage in conversation with noted film author Scott MacDonald.

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Films Showing:

Here I Am

(Bruce Baillie, 1962) 11 min

One of Baillie's earliest films, Here I Am is an extraordinary portrait of children at the East Bay Activity Center, a school in Oakland, California started in the 1950s to...

To Parsifal

(Bruce Baillie, 1963) 16 min

Baillie's tribute to Wagner and the myth of the Holy Grail and the Parsifalian hero. Various scenes, first in the Pacific, mainly in the fog (including passing under the San...

Mr. Hayashi

(Bruce Baillie, 1961) 3 min

One of several "Canyon CinemaNews" reels that Baillie made in the early to mid 1960s, the film Mr. Hayashi has "an immediate basis in necessity" as Baillie described, and is a...

Mass for the Dakota Sioux

(Bruce Baillie, 1964) 20 min

A film Mass, dedicated to nobility and excellence. The film begins with a short introduction - "No chance for me to live, Mother, you might as well mourn." Sitting Bull,...


(Bruce Baillie, 1966) 5 min

One of Baillie's sensuous tone poems, Tung is a portrait of a friend; sandy skin and flaxen hair in the early-morning light. -Scott MacDonald...

Castro Street

(Bruce Baillie, 10 min) 1966

An extraordinary technical achievement and a poetic masterpiece, Castro Street is a layered portrait of the Standard Oil Refinery in Richmond, California which Baillie describes as "coming of consciousness". "I wanted...

All My Life

(Bruce Baillie, 1966) 3 min

"Caspar, California; old fence with red roses." -BB...