50 SCREENS at Gallery Project’s SPATIAL SHIFT Exhibition

Gallery Project
Spatial Shift Exhibition
March 7 - May 15, 2012
Tu-Thur : noon–6pm
Fri-Sat: noon–9pm
Su : noon–4pm  Mon : closed

50 SCREENS of the 50th AAFF presents five video-based installations in the lower level of Gallery Project. These are located in the gallery's lower level.

On Location
Chris McNamara | 2011 | Multi-Channel Video, Mixed Media
This multimedia diorama addresses the ways certain late-capitalist cities are fetishized and looted in the name of cultural production and discourse. And, on a more fundamental level, this piece explores the ways in which cities function as sites for elusive memory.

I Could Walk Forever (If There’s Nowhere For Me To Sit)
Scott Northrup | 2012 | Multi-Channel Video, Dimensions Variable
The piece is a vigil of sorts for my maternal grandmother, a woman of great faith who was haunted by nightmares and fascinated by the inexplicable. She never learned to drive a car and always slept with the TV on.

Thirteen Views in Arid Lands
Potter-Belmar Labs | 2011 | Multi-Channel Video, Mixed Media
This collection of time-lapse, panoramic videos was shot using custom-built equipment in the American SouthWest. The unique form of their presentation alludes to traditional Chinese landscape meditation scrolls, hand-cranked canvas panoramas of 19th century North America, and early penny arcade peephole spectacles.

Spline Describing a Phone
Jen Proctor | 2012  |  iPhone, Pico Projector and Fog
A loving remake of Anthony McCall’s 1973 sculptural light installation, Line Describing A Cone. Originally made with smoke and a 16mm film projector, this remade version explores the effects of the shrinking scale of technology and shift toward digital image systems.

Map of Forgotten Places
Kyle Kramer, Jacob Mendel, Kevin Serota, Edmund Zagorin |  2012  |  3D Video, 5.1 Surround Sound
An installation in stereoscopic 3D that explores abandoned production zones in the industrial Midwest.

Images (left) Spline Describing a Phone (right) On Location