50 SCREENS Nickels Arcade Windows Exhibition

Nickels Arcade
326 S. State St
March 18 - April 1, 2012

50 SCREENS of the 50th AAFF presents eight video-based installations in windows of the Nickels Arcade.

Bill Brown
 | Chapel Hill, NC | 2012 | 2 min | 16mm/Laser Printer Transfer to Video
Redacted version of the C.I.A. Inspector General's Special Review of Counterterrorism Detention
and Interrogation Activities, September 2001- October 2003.

When You Arrive, Let Me Know Where You Are Going
Adrianne Finelli & Dan F. Friedlaender
 | Ann Arbor, MI | 2012 | 3 min | Video
A reflection about arrivals, departures, dwellings, and the distances of time.

Reckoning 3 (sample)
Kent Lambert | 
Chicago, IL | 2012 | 1.5 min | Video
A short segment from works in progress exploring the decreasing distances between movies and video games, artificial and human intelligence, and virtual and literal worlds.

Unsubscribe #2: All Eyes on the Silver Screen
Jodie Mack
 | Lebanon, NH | 2010 | 3 min | 16mm on Video

Everybody's watching...

merry company
Ryan Molloy | 
Ann Arbor, MI | 2012  | Multi-Channel Video
A mixture of short video loops consisting of modified found/open-source footage remotely inspired by the work of Jan Sanders Van Hemessen.

Areas in Manhattan
Sean Curtis Patrick
 | Austin, TX | 2012 | 4 min | HD Video
The film and music were written as a phase piece, a form of minimalist music, popularized in the 70's.

One Gif Compositions
Evan Roth | 
Paris, France | 2012 | 3 min | HTML and found animated gifs
Formal motion studies highlighting the subtle shifts in timing that are created as the browser attempts to load and display a single repeated animated gif file.

Brother Can You Spare a Station
Gary Schwartz | 
Detroit, MI | 2011 | 3 min | Video
Video in antique late 1940's GE television
The Imagination Station arts space is transformed into a living Camera Obscura. You can walk right into the “photo” as time lapse photography captures Michigan Central Depot and Roosevelt Park - an interesting perspective to an iconic image on the verge of a new era that illuminates Detroit's cultural landscape.